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If you’re looking for an avenue for expression of care for the community, and a means of purporting change through pragmatic means via the development of one small seed of an idea for change, then, you better watch out next year, youth. For Unilab has promised us that most likely, their recently concluded Ideas Positive Workshop just might happen again.

What exactly is being Ideas Positive?

Directly from their website, here is what Unilab has to say, aside from the fact that this campaign was initiated by none other than my OC 152 professor, Sir Barry 😉 :

As a culminating event, last September 25, Unilab held the last day of their campaign at the Unilab Bayanihan Centre, after screening teams that came from different universities. These teams were tasked in bringing their ideas while wishing to implement a distinct change on the lives of a certain community, with a solution put as a foundation for their platform. After posting their videos on the Unilab site, the top 5 teams, out of the total of 21, with the most ‘likes.’ reached the final screening and judging.

With hosts Riki Flores and Job de Leon, the positive and competitive tension was distinct as, one by one, the teams presented their proposals to the panel of judges that were called, as to quote, “it seemed that there was more than one Simon Cowell.” They are none other than Dr. Nina Gloriani, dean from our very own UP Manila’s College of Public Health, The fierce Dr. Ed Morato Jr. from ABS-CBN’s Bayan Foundation, entrepreneur Mr. Mark Ruiz from Hapinoy, Dr. Oscar Tinio from the Philippine Medical Association, Mr. Randy Aquino from the well-known PR firm Ogilvy & Mather, and Mr. Bert Manlapit, directly from Unilab.

Who were the final 5?

Teams were the following:

  1. The PET Society with Adopt-a-PET
  2. SERVE with “Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Inisyatibo, Layunin, at Adbokasiyang Pangkalusugan Barangay Sta Mercedes, Maragondon, Cavite”
  3. UB and G with “May Papel Ako”
  4. Team BIGGKAS with “Buklod Bukid Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope”
  5. CLPH with “Mamamayang Ayaw sa Dengue”

And the winner is… Team BIGGKAS, notably from University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P)! 😀 Hopefully, your proposed movement for efficient greenhouses will truly render an effective impact for the propagation of vegetables the in the Filipino child’s diet.

We hope to reap more ideas soon. Positive in ideas, positive in action. 🙂


If you’re going around in Ong Pin or Binondo, it’s pretty hard to miss. That shade, that color. The wonderful world of Mr. Ube! The epitome of modern and funky Chinese cuisine, minus the ‘overly sosyal’ feeling!

Purple lovers, welcome to your heaven. 🙂

Owned by none other than the owner of Eng Bee Tin, Mr. Gerry Chua, who has been featured in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, has made it quite known that he is very fond of the color of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, even donating a local fire truck in that color. Mr. Ube is basically the culmination of his love of the color and his expertise in food.

What does Mr. Ube have to offer?

Don't forget to check the menu!

This place has a variety of Chinese meals presented on menu in affordable prices that befit their high quality tasting meals!

  1. Has over 18 noodle meals to choose from. All Chinese steaming-hot when served! Try their Sate Beef Noodles, which they highly recommend.
  2. Further into the menu: they have 5 rice toppings, 3 stir-fry noodles, and 5 side orders that go fantastically with their noodles! Must-try: Radish cake.
  3. Prices range from P30 – P150! All affordable and deliciously worth it!
  4. Technologically well-furnished, complete with automatic sliding door and well tuned sound system and lights!
  5. Interior design is a must-be-noted; well-coordinated colors and background music for that enjoyable and relaxing meal.

They accept deliveries with their cool Purple motorcycle, always on the go!

It’s simply an ube-rrific must-try! 🙂

Location: 707 Imperial Sky Garden, Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact details: (02) 241-9999

I never forget her. Never have, never will. I may be distracted by the toxicity I face in school, may be distracted by the happiness of being with people who make me happy, may be lost sometimes in my thoughts that even I cannot fathom. But forget her? Pfft. Never.

I smile, I laugh. Which is really good. But at night, when I’m alone, whilst I’m looking at her picture… Yeah, the usual. I cry. I used to wail (silently), you know? Like bawl out, screaming without a sound, asking disbelievingly why she had to go. Seems unreal that’s it’s been a year and a month, and 16 days since I last heard her voice and saw her still, cold body and face.

I could still remember what people kept on telling me after what happened. I’m so sorry, life goes on, you’re the mother of the family now, she loved you so much, you were her reason for surviving, etc.  Yeah, she was mine, too. That’s why I wanted to die when she left. Left this world. Left my Dad, my then 9-year-old brother. Left me.

Hey, this is not an emo post. I’m actually glad tears aren’t falling down my face as I’m typing this, unlike last year, just a mention of the word “Mom” makes me depressed and want to throw myself into the pits of hell, wailing in agony and grief. But a post regarding her is quite connected to new social media, so don’t go chewing me off yet.

Here goes my “what if” list. Out of the many.

1. What if she had a Facebook account?

I’m quite envious of some of my classmates and friends who have their parents on their “Friends” list (though it really sounds weird). Up to some point, it seems nice. Until they see that tagged picture of you in a sexy pose and a drink in your hand while in a party hosted by your organization. Gee, that scenario is so great.

But I do think about it. What if she had an FB account, and she invited me to be her friend? What if she had a Twitter account, and she started following me? It would seem that the online world would not have much hold on me since I’m quite limited in my online actions. She was very strict and conservative. But, I remember her allowing me liberties since she trusted my rational, responsible, intellectual mind. That I am old and smart enough to know the consequences of my actions.So, then again, it might be fun to have her online.

And so the question continues: What if?

2. What if UnliCall arrived way earlier?

Telebabad. That’s what. Every minute I’m out of the classroom.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t reply that often to her text messages containing “Haus ka na?” It’s one of the many things I truly regret. I kept turning it in my head how much she wanted to hear from me more often than I updated her back then. I feel that I am such a bad daughter because of that. I should have. I could have. But I didn’t.

Oh wait. No what if’s here. Just regret.

3. What if Heaven had Wi-fi?

She still wouldn’t be able to contact me. Did God give her a laptop? A desktop? A netbook? I sure hope He did.

But now that I think about it, she still wouldn’t be able to surf the Internet well. She doesn’t know how to do so! *chuckles* I can still remember when she would shriek at me, “Anak, anong nangyari? Bakit nawala? Ay, bumalik! Ay, tatay mong kalbo, nawala ulit! Ayoko na!” Don’t worry. The computer’s fine. She wasn’t.

One more: What if God taught her how to now that she’s up there? That would be cool. 😉

Mama, my beloved Mama, you are always in my heart, my mind, my memories. I wish I had the chance to teach you better how the Net works, or show you games other than Zuma (which you loved tremendously). I wish I was there when you were in pain. I wish I was there when you breathe your last breath. I wish I was holding your hand while it was still warm with life that was slowly ebbing away from you. I wish you’re still alive to finally see your wish fulfilled: that of me graduating on time. I wish. I hope. I pray.

19 years later, you're still as beautiful. 🙂

I love you. Always.

After such big feat of creating Facebook, you’d think he ended everything there. Nuh-uh. He became an actor. He’s got a movie coming up, too. Here’s my proof!

Dang, he looks hot in this one.

See? 😀

No, not really. Haha. I’m not that stupid to mistake that guy as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the our academic distraction, Facebook. But he does have a movie coming up. You’ll never guess what the movie title is. Heard of The Social Network?

The reel deal. Seem similar? (read: the hair)

Yeah. I know. At least they had the decency not to make the title a bit like “The Facebook Effect”, or something. By the way, the Zuckerberg-look-a-like is no other than Jesse Eisenberg, who also starred in Adventureland and Zombieland. Weird. Maybe he has a problem with real estate or something. 😀 But enough of that. Jesse’s going online now.

Oh yes, you don't.

Here’s a synopsis from

The remarkable story behind Facebook comes to the big screen with this Columbia Pictures production scripted by The West Wing’s Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Zodiac). The year was 2003. Computer programming wizard Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) was a Harvard undergrad when he laid the foundation for a social networking website that would revolutionize the way we communicate. Six years later the ambitious entrepreneur made his first million — but that was just the beginning. Despite all of Zuckerberg’s wealth and success, his personal life began to suffer as he became marred in legal disputes, and discovered that many of the 500 million people he had friended during his rise to the top were eager to see him fall.

Justin Timberlake co-stars as Napster co-creator Sean Parker, with Andrew Garfield filling the role of ousted Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. The Social Network is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Honestly, I’ve been kind of expecting this kind of development, only it’s not a book turned into a movie (though it sort of is), it’s a phenomenon. Hollywood has acknowledged the viral x-factor in Facebook that made it such a revolutionary instrument in today’s modern communication techniques. I mean, without it, they wouldn’t be able to penetrate the circles of online fans  by making accessible fan pages and groups. This NSM tool gave them the advantage of making fans feel that they are closer to their idol actors and actresses, without spending way too much.

I’m not going to discuss the movie. It is what it is: a depiction of what Zuckerberg went through to reach the top. Very beneficial for people who want to make money by making websites. Not very good for us users due to over-saturation (refer to “About three things I’m positive about” blog post). I can already foresee the action sequences and passionate lines that may or may not have been said in boring real life. I simply wanted to make you aware that Facebook has infiltrated the movie industry. They should pay me for the promotion.

I won’t be surprised if Twitter will step up next. Imagine, they actually have to get a blue bird and make it tweet every 5 minutes.

To my OrCom batchmates, let’s watch the movie as a commemoration of our being part of the Facebook generation (and the culmination of our comm blogs!). On October 1. Yes, please? 🙂

Finding the One. Being with that person. Is it something that should be forced? Maybe, sometimes, you have to let fate take the wheel… and take you to him/her. On its own, on the street or the mall one day. Or maybe on a randomly-generated online chat room.

One of the prettiest and sexiest girls in my batch, Ms. Patricia Sy, introduced me to this site, Basically, it’s a site that allows you to chat one-on-one with someone named “Stranger” and you (who is also called “You”) can talk about anything under the sun or the moonlit night (and by that, I mean anything). You can just type, or have a video chat, and if you find the “stranger” boring or offensive, you can simply disconnect. With or without saying good-bye.

I’ve tried it once, just for the fun of it (so that I’ll be credible enough to blog about it). Not too bad. I’m just glad I’m not the same 13-year-old girl that shrieks at the sign of any word that can be interpreted in a sexual point of view. Yes, somebody tried to engage me on that level. That’s why there’s a “disconnect” button. Regardless, the website is genius. Created by an 18-year-old. Darn money-making teenagers who have time to do these stuff.

Virtual world gone (more) vague.

But omegle isn’t the only one that does random meets a.k.a. speed dating online. Another website offers this feature that makes the whole find-mr.-right chase easier.’s difference is that it disallows obscenity (though this is not really well-checked), and video is mandatory. Ugh. I tried it (again, credibility), and of course, I didn’t know how it worked! It was a good thing no one was on the other end of the cam, so my identity is safe. 😀

This site is simple in nature. All white, mic and camera controls, it even has buttons such as “complain”, “stop”, and “switch”, which I think are all equivalent to “disconnect” in omegle. You can even give feedback *claps*. On the lower part of the site is the link “meet someone.” Hn. Tempting, but no. With all the harms that we know of in the Internet, I’d rather be a non-risk taker than be surprised by something I never wished to see.

Hey, that’s just me. If you’re that adventurous, why don’t you try the two? Maybe your “stranger” is just waiting for you to go online and turn on your webcam. 😉

Er. That sounded wrong. 😀

Can you hear (the birds) tweeting?

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