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Having fun under the sun and worrying about skin darkening was always a constant problem for me. WAS. Now it is a thing of the past because I use the NIVEA Sun Invisible Protection Transparent Spray whenever I go out and about under the sun. I am assured of protection from the harsh effects of being under the sun for a long time. I just slather it on my skin, and voila! I don’t have to worry about looking like I’m someone from Jersey Shore whenever I go out!

Your friendly neighborhood invisible, non-greasy, water-resistant sun protector.

It’s quickly absorbed by the skin, non-greasy, and is not sticky so it is not a hassle to use unlike other traditional sun protection that I used before. I’ve always hesitated in using sun block lotion because the feeling of leftover lotion trickling down your skin on a hot day is not exactly something that adds to my confidence. That’s like the second worst thing next to a bad, painful period week (oops). But that is now no more. No more slippery-than-an-eel days for me!

Another problem that I encounter when using other sunblocks is that they leave a white film on the skin that gives it an undesirable white appearance. I mean, I do want to look fair, but not pale. I knew that would be a thing of the past through Nivea. This is no problem for the Nivea Sun Invisible Protection because it is 100% invisible.  I don’t look like I’m trying too hard because there aren’t any vestiges of white stuff left (that leaves a lot to the imagination of onlookers, mind you). Plus, it protects from harmful UV Rays from the sun thus helping prevent skin cancer. That’s one less thing to worry about when heading out for the beach. Healthwise, I’m very much assured too.

Batman is on your side, even on the beach. Now you have less things to worry about.

But don’t just take my word for it. Learn more from the experts. For more awesome tips in conquering sun-related fears when going to the beach, visit As we all know, ladies, our skin is one of our greatest natural assets, so taking care of it shouldn’t be thought of as a hassle, but a necessity.

Speaking of going to a beach, I haven’t been home to Palawan for quite a while, and I miss the beauty and freshness of the sea. I’ve been currently thinking (oh yes, I have!) of the ultimate summer beach destination for me . I’ve grown up thinking that Palawan beaches are the best, but I could be wrong. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong, especially if the proof would be the Misibis Bay, located in the lush province of Albay, which is known for the legendary, perfectly-shaped Mayon Volcano.

It's really beautiful. Seriously.

Upon looking through the site, and only the website, I realized that Misibis Bay is like a paradise that we mere mortals can enjoy. Every sight is grand, the water is pure, the sands on the beach seem to invite visitors to frolic in them, the Asian-inspired villas provide abodes that are on par with the beauty of nature and the ingenuity put into building this paradise. There are also a lot of activities to do her like taking a ride on ATVs, mountain bikes and dune buggies and windsurfing, kayaking, parasailing and more on the pristine beaches. There’s enough to do for those who just want to relax and for those who want to be more active and experience the adrenaline rush of water sports. It’s an amazing place that strikes the perfect balance of beauty, serenity, and fun under the sun! Not to mention you’d probably feel like a princess if you stayed here.

True, I’ve frequented beaches (in my younger years), but never a resort as grand and as gracious as this. I guess I am growing up, now that I’m looking for new experiences and places to visit. Misibis Bay has just made it to my checklist, and not only that, I’d love to spend a wonderful, romantic summer date here with my one and only beloved, with whom the farthest we’ve gone to is Mall of Asia (MOA). It sounds sad, I know, and that is why the cure to such sadness would be an awesome trip for the two of us! *wink wink*

Just look at those photos! Wouldn’t you want to go there and make happy, camera-preserved memories?

Truly, Misibis Bay is the graceful coda to a symphony of beautiful sights, sounds, and experiences from the summer that will always make us anticipate the next summer to come and make us wish that the fun and adventure last for a lifetime.

The sight of it alone wouldn't make me want to leave. Ever.


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