If you’re going around in Ong Pin or Binondo, it’s pretty hard to miss. That shade, that color. The wonderful world of Mr. Ube! The epitome of modern and funky Chinese cuisine, minus the ‘overly sosyal’ feeling!

Purple lovers, welcome to your heaven. ๐Ÿ™‚

Owned by none other than the owner of Eng Bee Tin, Mr. Gerry Chua, who has been featured in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, has made it quite known that he is very fond of the color of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, even donating a local fire truck in that color. Mr. Ube is basically the culmination of his love of the color and his expertise in food.

What does Mr. Ube have to offer?

Don't forget to check the menu!

This place has a variety of Chinese meals presented on menu in affordable prices that befit their high quality tasting meals!

  1. Has over 18 noodle meals to choose from. All Chinese steaming-hot when served! Try their Sate Beef Noodles, which they highly recommend.
  2. Further into the menu: they have 5 rice toppings, 3 stir-fry noodles, and 5 side orders that go fantastically with their noodles! Must-try: Radish cake.
  3. Prices range from P30 – P150! All affordable and deliciously worth it!
  4. Technologically well-furnished, complete with automatic sliding door and well tuned sound system and lights!
  5. Interior design is a must-be-noted; well-coordinated colors and background music for that enjoyable and relaxing meal.

They accept deliveries with their cool Purple motorcycle, always on the go!

It’s simply an ube-rrific must-try! ๐Ÿ™‚

Location: 707 Imperial Sky Garden, Ongpin St., Binondo,ย Manila, Metro Manila,ย Philippines

Contact details: (02) 241-9999